Understanding the Role and Pricing of a Night Nanny at Home (2023)

In the realm of childcare, the demand for night nannies at home has surged, particularly among single-parent families and couples seeking respite. This service proves invaluable for parents working night shifts, addressing the constant care needs of their infants, including feeding every two hours.

Night Nanny Duties at Home

Diverging from the typical responsibilities of a daytime caregiver, a night nanny takes charge of various tasks during nocturnal hours. While the same person may handle daytime childcare, the unique work hours often necessitate a separate night nanny. The frequency of night nanny assistance can vary, ranging from nightly commitments to sporadic engagements.

It's crucial to adhere strictly to legal regulations regarding night work. Generally, a night nanny at home differs from a traditional caregiver due to these specialized working hours. The necessity for a night nanny can arise either consistently or intermittently, depending on individual family needs.

Additional Responsibilities

Beyond the core responsibilities of diaper changes, bottle feeding, and lulling infants back to sleep, night nannies may undertake additional tasks based on contracted hours. This could involve preparing evening meals, aiding with bedtime routines, or engaging with the child until the parents return from work.

Pros and Cons of Night Nanny Services


  1. Flexibility for Parents: Night nannies offer parents flexibility in their schedules. Thoughtful selection ensures entrusting children to competent and trustworthy caregivers, providing peace of mind.

  2. Consistent Environment for the Child: Children benefit from remaining in their familiar home environment during the night, contributing to enhanced comfort and a better overall experience.

  3. Support for Overwhelmed Parents: Particularly in the early weeks post-birth, when parental exhaustion looms, a night nanny becomes a valuable resource. Even non-working parents can utilize this support to catch up on sleep or enjoy personal time.


  1. Impact on Child-Parent Bonding: Some child development experts caution that excessive reliance on external caregivers, especially during vulnerable nighttime hours, may hinder the natural parent-child bonding process.

  2. Potential Emotional Distance: If a child becomes more attached to the night nanny than to their parents, a subtle emotional distance may emerge, impacting the primary caregiver relationship.

  3. Financial Considerations: Engaging a night nanny incurs higher costs compared to daytime childcare, necessitating careful budget planning.

Budgeting for Night Nanny Services

Determining the budget for a night nanny involves considering the specific duties assigned, the caregiver's qualifications, and the method of engagement. Certification holders command a slightly higher salary, and using intermediary services may incur additional charges.

Tariffs and Considerations

Night nanny rates vary based on supply, demand, and the scope of responsibilities. In France, typical night hours span from 21:00 to 6:00, with rates hovering around 100 euros per night for 8 to 12 consecutive hours. Additional tasks, such as childcare during illness or meal preparation, contribute to the overall budget.

Regulatory Guidelines

Strict adherence to labor laws is paramount when employing a night nanny. Limiting nightly hours to a maximum of 12 and restricting work to no more than five nights per week aligns with common practices.

Finding the Right Night Nanny

Several avenues exist for locating a suitable night nanny. Posting detailed job listings, requesting references, and leveraging specialized platforms can streamline the search. Engaging with local childcare networks, such as Relais Petite Enfance, municipal services, or even PĂ´le Emploi, provides additional support.

Professional Services

For a hassle-free experience, professional services specializing in night nannies offer benefits such as simplified hiring processes, qualification verification, and, in some cases, reduced administrative burdens for employers.

In conclusion, a night nanny at home can be a valuable asset, provided careful consideration is given to the child's needs, family dynamics, and budget constraints. Striking a balance between external assistance and maintaining essential parent-child connections is essential for a harmonious childcare arrangement.


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