Reputation Score: How to Improve Your Online Reputation Score (2023)

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What is your reputation score? Do you have a reputation score, and does it even matter? Click here for a free reputation score check.

Business reputation managementis now known asthe new HR for companies. Why is this? The answer is simple: because your online reputation is essential for professionals and companies to know how people see them. This is very helpful when creating new products or service offerings. You can learn exactly what your customers want and what value they “believe” you can provide.

This value — your reputation score — is always your top priority.

Knowing youronline reputation scorecan be a powerful toolfor your brand.

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Applying for a new job? Thinking aboutgoing back to school?Whatever your goals, it is critical that youbuild a positivereputation score online. As the leading online reputation management service provider, NetReputation can help you take charge of your reputation score, improving your online presence and building your online brand image.

For a free reputation score scan, check out our reputation app to get started. In the meantime, read on to learn more about how you can build a better reputation score.

What is a Reputation Score, and Why is it so Important?

When you build a business online or want to build a positive image in your personal life, your online reputation score is an essential factor in how others perceive you. It is an integral part of your digital footprint, painting a comprehensive picture of how you want others to view you. A good reputation score opens the doors to opportunity, while a poor reputation score can interfere with the goals you want to achieve. Think of your online reputation as part of your brand image, telling others who you are, what you stand for, and what you or your company believes in.

Now, consider the business aspects of a positive reputation. A good reputation score has been shown to powerfully influence purchasing decisions; companies with five-star online reviews tend to get more business, while those companies with a poor reputation may see dwindling returns on their investments. In simple terms, a bad reputation score can stand between you and continued success. A simple Google search will turn up dozens of reviews in a matter of moments, and these reviews are evaluated by the consumers you depend on to grow your business.

Positive reviews posted online help to build trust between you and your customer base. Customers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations from friends or family. On the other hand, negative reviews may cause consumers to reconsider doing business with your company. Can you afford to allow your reputation score to affect your online presence? The answer to that question is no — and that is why online reputation management is such a valuable asset to add to your company culture. Your reputation score may depend on your ability to manage it.

Your Digital Footprint: The Role of Your Online Reputation

Think of your online reputation as a passport giving you access to personal and business growth. That reputation score influences people who use a search index like Google to learn about the people and businesses around them.

Competitors searching for details about your company, such as creating a background report to share with stockholders, may turn up a wide range of results in online listings. Schools also use online searches to learn more about prospective students, using people search databases to reveal personal data or other details that can influence enrollment decisions made by college admissions personnel.

When you apply for a job, hiring managers may use Google to find information on candidates. This information may improve your job prospects or may result in the withdrawal of job offers.

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Even financial institutions may use search impressions to evaluate a person or business when considering loans; a good reputation score may give these decision-makers the information they need, while a bad reputation score can potentially cause each of these entities to pass you over.

How is Your Reputation Score Calculated?

How is your online reputation score calculated? A wide range of online factors plays a role in calculating the score. Data accessible online is evaluated by a complex Google search algorithm to determine the score. Data may include:

  • Your credit score
  • Personal data available via search results
  • Court records
  • Address histories
  • Property records
  • Online image posts
  • Contact records
  • Personal information related to the individual or business being evaluated
  • Your job history
  • Social media profiles
  • Academic records

As these details are identified and evaluated, your online reputation score begins to develop. This all encompassing reputation score is an integral component of your digital footprint, giving people the details they need to make decisions that can affect your future. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, your personal reputation score can make or break your ability to achieve success.

How Can a MyLife Reputation Score Affect Business Prospects?

When people engage in information searches on the internet, results from a website called MyLife may be included. MyLife is a data aggregator that pulls information from public databases, then compiles a reputation score. The MyLife reputation score is based on a five-point scale: a good reputation score is in the range of 3.5-5, or poor if the score falls below 3.

Why is your MyLife reputation score important? Just as with any reputation score, this score is easily located by anyone with an internet connection. Businesses, individuals, and consumers all use web searches to learn more about the area around them; this reputation score can influence decisions like whether or not to support a company, hire a person, or start a relationship.

Your Free Reputation Score: How to Add Up the Details

Whether you’re a professional or a business, scoringyouronline reputation involvesknowing yoursocial reputationand how people see you online.

And as you may know, starting a business can be tough. No visibility in search results and a lack of loyal customers can make it hard to get off the ground. In today’s digital environment, how your online presence is discovered — and perceived online by potential customers — is one of the most critical aspects of achieving success. A company’s online reputation is a fundamental component of its digital presence, influencing actions on the part of online consumers. The reputation score, in other words, is essential.

The modern consumer often turns to the web to learn about businesses before making purchasing decisions. Using search engines like Google, customers evaluate the information these searches turn up, including:

  • Local business listings
  • Local business reviews
  • Social media activity
  • Personal information
  • Public records
  • Court records
  • Background data related to your company

Reputation Score: How to Improve Your Online Reputation Score (3)

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The Personal Reputation Score: Critical Information for Individuals

Individuals are also at mercy of their personal brand online. A positive personal reputation score can improve your job prospects, help you connect with others, or influence your ability to get loans and even buy a house. A negative reputation, on the other hand, can stand in the way of achieving the things you want in life. That poor reputation score can have long-term effects, potentially harming your personal brand online. Managing your personal brand online is just as important for you as it is for business owners in your area. Here, online reputation management can help improve a low reputation score, strengthen your online presence, and boost your online profile. Your online reputation must be protected, even if you already have a good personal reputation score.

Positive Items that Can Improve Your Online Reputation Score

  • Online reviews and case studies
  • Communication and outreach
  • Customer sentiment and engagement
  • Images and online content
  • Blogs that provide real value to readers

Negative Events that May Result from a Bad Reputation Score

  • Getting fired from a job
  • Changing jobs or missing out on a promotion
  • Losing a grant or scholarship
  • Damaging relationships with coworkers and friends

For the most part, these all add up to youronline reputation score.This is because people tend to see you differently after finding harmful content about you on the web. Think about how the negative articles you have discovered in Google search results have influenced your willingness to do business with a company or person in your area. Now, put yourself in a company’s shoes: would you want your brand reputation score to suffer because of negative information like online reviews or unflattering news items?

How Can an Online Reputation Management Company Help?

In the above sections, we have revealed why your reputation score is so important. Business owners and individuals alike depend on their online presence to connect with others. What can you do if negative reviews or a low reputation score are affecting your ability to attract new customers, get a job, or create strong relationships with others?

The answer is professional reputation management. An online reputation management firm has the experience and the skills necessary to help you take charge of your online presence, even if missteps have led to you developing a bad reputation.

Reputation managers first evaluate your overall reputation score by analyzing search listings carefully, including details posted to social media or other online outlets. Then, these professionals develop strategies to restore your positive image. Remember that a good reputation can positively influence consumers, helping to build trust and to encourage patronage.

Individuals with a damaged reputation score can also benefit from management services. Think of reputation management as a form of reputation scoring service. Improving your reputation in the digital environment can help improve your prospects with hiring managers, admissions staff, or loan officers; in other words, your reputation can help you get that home loan or assist you with acceptance into college.

Quick Tips to Manage Your Online Reputation Score

Online reputation management is a critical aspect in today’s digital world. With just a few clicks of a mouse, people can discover information about you, influencing whether or not they will take the next step in their purchasing journey. To begin, it’s important to never post anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see.

In other words, always be polite and professional online. Don’t post bad photos on the web, especially those showing the use of drugs or alcohol. Future employers, landlords, coworkers and even relativesmay see these images and think less of you. Often, these people turn to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to learn about individuals before extending job offers or agreeing to rent a house to a given person. The activity posted to these platforms influences your reputation score.

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Other things to avoid are any posts with badlanguage, violence,politicsand other hot-button content. Remember that your personal life is yours to control on social media — think of the things you do and the issues you believe in as part of your brand image, then consider how you share those details with others online. Remember that your reputation score must be protected by engaging in careful curation of your personal details online.

How We Can Help Improve Your Online Reputation Score

Want to up your reputation score online? Start by targeting anyunwanted contentthat includes your name. Once found, take steps to remove those items fast.

But if you didn’t post a photo or news article of yourself and want it gone, check out how to remove content fast. Our experienced team recognizes online content that can harm your brand and your reputation score. Call us today at 844-461-3632to speak with an experienced Online Removal Expert. Our team provides low-cost removal and SEO services to fix your search results andbuild an online reputation that gets results.

What’s more: we offer advanced reputation monitoring services to track your online image around the clock. Your reputation score is your passport to success. With this tool, you receive instant alerts about new brand mentions online, even after your reputation campaign is over.

Your reputation is not a joke. And we work hard to put you in control.

Want to give your score a boost? Contact our Online Reputation Team today!

Reputation Score: How to Improve Your Online Reputation Score (5) by Net Reputation

NetReputation was founded in 2014 by Adam Petrilli, a results-driven leader dedicated to empowering individual and business success on the web. Our award-winning process and team of online reputation management specialists allow us to remove, suppress, repair, and monitor your online presence. Within our first two years, we were recognized by some of the world’s leading business publications for our company growth. Today, NetReputation operates offices in Sarasota, Florida; and Kansas City.

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Reputation Score: How to Improve Your Online Reputation Score? ›

A typical industry standard reputation score is around 525, and while it's better than a bad reputation, it's not going to do much to make a business stand out from its competitors. Once a reputation score inches above 600, that's an indication that a company is on the right track with building a positive reputation.

How do you increase your reputation score? ›

Tips to Improve Your Online Reputation Score
  1. Get More Positive Reviews. ...
  2. Answer Customer Feedback. ...
  3. Reach Out to More Customers. ...
  4. Create Quality Content for Your Website. ...
  5. Implement Social Media Marketing Strategies. ...
  6. Optimize Your Website. ...
  7. Improve Your Customer Service.
Apr 10, 2023

What are the four 4 tips to manage online reputation easily? ›

How To Ensure Effective Online Reputation Management
  • Be Active On Social Media. ...
  • Create A Blog. ...
  • Know That Reviews Are Crucial For Online Reputation Management. ...
  • Manage Your Net Promoter Score. ...
  • Pay Attention To Feedback. ...
  • Interact With Different Types Of Clients.
Feb 24, 2018

What is a good online reputation score? ›

A typical industry standard reputation score is around 525, and while it's better than a bad reputation, it's not going to do much to make a business stand out from its competitors. Once a reputation score inches above 600, that's an indication that a company is on the right track with building a positive reputation.

How do you build reputation on the Internet? ›

  1. Monitor the Web. Before you start any brand building activities, you need to know what people are already saying about your brand. ...
  2. Design a user-friendly website. ...
  3. Write a blog. ...
  4. Be active on social media. ...
  5. Reply to every request or opinion. ...
  6. Share your achievements and awards. ...
  7. Keep your content simple.
Jun 3, 2020

What are 5 things you can do to protect your online reputation? ›

Here are some things to consider to safeguard your online identity and reputation:
  • Remember that nothing is temporary online. ...
  • Mark your profiles as private. ...
  • Safeguard your passwords and change them often. ...
  • Don't post inappropriate or sexually provocative pictures or comments. ...
  • Don't respond to inappropriate requests.

How do I fix my reputation? ›

In summary
  1. Give people a reason to admire you again.
  2. Go out of your way to be helpful.
  3. Post helpful content on your website or social media.
  4. Volunteer to be a mentor.
  5. Be humble.
  6. Volunteer for projects.
  7. Nurture every new relationship and build a reputation.
  8. Show you are a person of character.

What is a good reputation management strategy? ›

It's a matter of monitoring what people say about you, and actively engaging those users to encourage positive discussion. Make managing your brand's reputation a key business focus. Invest some time, get the right tools, and use your plan to ensure that you're being presented properly online.

What are the 3 categories of tactics for reputation management? ›

In the field of online reputation management, there are three main building materials — earned, paid, and owned content. Note: I've used the word “content” to describe each of these three.

How do you maintain a good digital reputation? ›

How to protect your digital reputation
  1. Stop and think about any content before you post or send.
  2. Treat others online as you would like to be treated.
  3. Set your profile to private so that only your friends have access to your photos and posts — and check every now and then to make sure the settings have not changed.

How do you evaluate online reputation? ›

Metrics are quantitative indicators that help you measure the performance and impact of your online reputation. You can use metrics like web traffic, social media followers, engagement rate, review score, net promoter score, or customer lifetime value to evaluate your online reputation.

How do you assess online reputation? ›

How to Measure Your Online Brand Reputation?
  1. Online customer reviews. Customer reviews have a major impact on consumer trust and brand credibility. ...
  2. Branded search. ...
  3. Social media profiles. ...
  4. Conversion metrics. ...
  5. Site traffic.
Jan 10, 2022

How is your reputation score determined? ›

It is calculated based on a business's performance across a variety of important online areas including: reviews, social, surveys, reach, visibility etc. The reputation score also takes into account the local market and industry.

Why is my IP reputation low? ›

If an IP address sends authentic, spam-free emails, it gets a positive IP reputation score. On the other hand, if associated with bulk spam, malware, dangerous domains, or suspicious locations, an IP address will have a poor IP reputation. Consider an attacker sending phishing emails as an example.

What determines your reputation? ›

Reputation is often based on the perceived quality of an individual's or group's actions, character, and accomplishments. A person or entity with a good reputation is generally seen as reliable, trustworthy, and worthy of respect.


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