Lidl Resume Examples & Writing tips 2023 (Free Guide) (2023)

Whether you’re a student searching for your first job, a seasoned retail worker or just someone who’s in need of a bit of extra cash, a job with one of Lidl, one of Europe’s leading grocers, might just be the perfect next step.

We’re here to help you get there. With hundreds of occupation-specific writing guides and resume examples, is an expert resource for job seekers in any field or at any career level. Here’s what we’ll cover in this Lidl resume example and guide:

  • What does a Lidl employee do?
  • How to write a Lidl resume (tips and tricks)
  • The best format for a Lidl resume
  • Advice on each section of your resume (summary, work history, education, skills)
  • Professional resume layout and design hints

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What does a Lidl employee do?

Founded in Germany in the 1970s, Lidl is a multinational grocery store chain that employees over 300,000 people worldwide. The price-focused retailer is known for its warehouse-like stores and a simplified shopping experience.

Lidl employees work across industries and locations to source products and bring them to store shelves. While Lidl employs logisticians, delivery drivers, accountants and marketing experts, this resume example will focus on the most common type of Lidl employee: the stock clerk, also known as the hourly associate.

A Lidl employee working in this capacity handles tasks such as:

  • Stocking shelves
  • Updating prices and signage
  • Moving displays to various locations
  • Removing spoiled items
  • Handling customer transactions
  • Cleaning store interior
  • Helping customers locate products

How to write a Lidl resume

A Lidl resume should contain many of the elements found in other CVs, including:

  • The resume header
  • The resume summary (aka profile or personal statement)
  • The employment history section
  • The resume skills section
  • The education section

A Lidl resume should be upbeat in tone, friendly and professional. Creating a positive first impression is one of the most important elements when it comes to applying for entry-level positions, such as with Lidl. Make sure to tailor your resume to the most important duties and skills listed on the job description for the role you are applying to.

Choosing the best resume format for a Lidl job

The best resume format for a job with Lidl will largely depend on the amount of previous experience a candidate has. If you’ve worked a few jobs before, then the reverse chronological format is almost certainly your best bet. This is because this format focuses on an employment history section where you can showcase your relevant experience. This format is also preferred by hiring managers and the resume scanners built into online application portals.

If this is your very first job, you may consider a functional resume format, which focuses more heavily on skills. If you’ve had previous experience but in an unrelated field, a hybrid resume, or combination of the two is likely your best option.

Resume summary example

Your resume summary is the best place to speak directly to the hiring manager to share your interests and strengths. These 3-5 sentences are likely the only place you’ll be able to add a touch of personality to your resume. Make sure to call attention to your personal attributes that make you a pleasure to work with, especially if you have no previous experience. Below you’ll find the summary from our adaptable resume example.

Expert tip

If you’re creating a resume to be used across multiple applications, you may want to check out our related retail resume examplesinclude our Starbucks resume example,Ikea resume sampleand shop assistant resume sample.

Adaptable resume summary example

Experienced and hardworking store associate ready to bring motivation and positive attitude to an hourly position with Lidl's Powder Springs location. Striving to continually grow as an employee and a team member while working to meet and exceed job expectations. Committed to supporting exceptional customer experiences.


Employment history sample

The employment history section allows you to prove your competence through your experience in other roles that required a similar skill set. Make sure to list the employer’s name, the job title, dates worked and the location. In the bullet points, focus on transferable skills, quantifiable data and any accomplishments or awards you possess. Here you’ll find the employment history section from our resume sample.

Lidl Resume Examples & Writing tips 2023 (Free Guide) (1)

Adaptable resume employment history example

Store Associate at Safeway, Powder Springs, GA
July 2019 - Present

  • Worked hard to provide customers with the ultimate shopping experience in the deli and meat departments.
  • Assisted with nearly every part of the store’s operations, including stocking, cleaning, non-food merchandising and more.
  • Unpacked stock as deliveries arrived in store.
  • Assisted customers with questions and located items for them.
  • Supported Safeway's freshness concept by applying proper protocols.
  • Worked as a cooperative and enthusiastic team member.
  • Submitted accurate work logs in a timely manner.

Retail Associate at Publix Super Markets, Inc. , Brunswick, GA
October 2016 - June 2019

  • Remained customer-service oriented and helpful at all times.
  • Participated in inventory management and product replenishment in all departments.
  • Unloaded products from trucks and organized the stock room.
  • Assisted in the building of displays.
  • Awarded for enthusiastic, optimistic and cooperative attitude to ensure ultimate productivity.
  • Participated in housekeeping, sanitation and cleaning of the store.
  • Aimed to support Publix core values at all times.
  • Assisted in other duties as assigned.

Cashier at Hayer's Deli, Brunswick
May 2014 - August 2016

  • Assisted customers during the shopping and check-out experience.
  • Quickly and efficiently bagged items.
  • Offered advice and detailed product information for 30+ meat items.
  • Handled returns promptly and courteously.
  • Maintained a clean and organized work space.


CV skills example

Your skills are essential to the role you’re applying for at Lidl, so make sure to highlight them in this CV section. You’ll want to choose the most pertinent abilities, based on the job description, since this CV section is usually formatted in bullet points. Make sure to highlight any special skills or areas of expertise that you don’t want the employer to miss. Below you’ll find the skills section from our adaptable resume example.

Adaptable resume skills example

  • Excellent Work Ethic
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Highly Organized and Efficient
  • Time Management Skills


Lidl Resume Examples & Writing tips 2023 (Free Guide) (2)

Lidl resume education example

While higher education likely won’t be a requirement for the Lidl job, you’ll still want to share a bit about your background in your resume education section. If you’ve completed an advanced degree, there’s no need to add your high school. You can also add a degree-in-progress along with your expected graduation date. Here’s the education section from our Lidl resume sample.

Adaptable resume education example

Associate of Arts in Communications, College of Coastal Georgia, Brunswick
September 2020 - Present


Resume layout and design

Your resume layout and design can instantly make your application stand out as more polished and professional. These attributes can set you apart among entry-level candidates, even those with similar skill sets. In general, avoid cramming the page with too much text. Choose one or two font styles and keep them consistent throughout your resume. A great header can quickly make your name and contact information stand out.

Expert tip

Expert tip: Consider using a professionally-designed resume templateto save time and effort when creating your page layout.

Key takeaways

  1. A great resume is your first step to getting your next job at Lidl.
  2. Make sure to draw the hiring manager’s attention to your biggest selling points in the summary.
  3. Check out our adaptable Lidl resume example for more ideas on creating an eye-catching header.


How to write a CV for Lidl? ›

Include a short summary at the beginning of your CV stating the type of role you are seeking & what skills you can bring to this role. Include enough detail about previous jobs and experience (focus on key tasks & skills developed). Shout about your achievements, employers need to know the benefits of employing you.

What is an example of a simple about me on a resume? ›

I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, responsible and hard working person. I am a mature team worker and adaptable to all challenging situations. I am able to work well both in a team environment as well as using own initiative. I am able to work well under pressure and adhere to strict deadlines.

How to write a resume when you have had the same job for 20 years? ›

7 tips to leverage long-term employment on your resume
  1. Keep learning. ...
  2. Remove outdated skills and credentials. ...
  3. List different positions separately. ...
  4. Display accomplishments. ...
  5. Use your employment history to your advantage. ...
  6. Highlight experiences related to your goal. ...
  7. Create a career summary section. ...
  8. Get your resume reviewed.

What is a good summary for a cashier resume? ›

A highly motivated and customer-oriented Sales Cashier with experience in maintaining excellent customer service standards, handling cash register operations, and safeguarding company assets. Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills, good math skills, and problem-solving skills.

How hard is it to get a job at Lidl? ›

Our recruitment process is simple and straightforward. It's also quite competitive.

What skills are Lidl looking for? ›

What you'll need
  • Some experience of working in a fast-paced environment.
  • The flexibility to start an early shift at 5am or finish a late shift at 11pm.
  • The ability to react positively to changing priorities.
  • The initiative to identify tasks that need to be completed.

How do you summarize yourself on a resume? ›

Start off your resume summary by mentioning your job title and years of experience, your general expertise, and one or two of your top accomplishments. Tailor your resume summary to the job you're applying for. Consider rewriting it for each job ad so that it's tailored exactly to what the company is looking for.

How to introduce yourself in a resume? ›

An “about me” section should include several elements:
  1. Your professional title. Your “about me” section should describe who you are as a professional. ...
  2. Relevant skills and accomplishments. ...
  3. Your career goals.
Jul 31, 2023

How far back should a resume go? ›

Generally, experts recommend keeping about 10-15 years of work experience on your resume, but that guidance changes depending on your professional history. Your resume is one of the first things a potential employer sees about you.

What to put on your resume if you have a gap in employment? ›

To explain an employment gap on a resume, be honest, elaborate on the gap, show that you never stop learning, or use a different resume layout to remove the gap altogether. Explain an employment gap on your cover letter by highlighting new skills and offering a valid explanation as to why you took it.

How many past jobs should be on a resume? ›

You should list as many jobs on your resume as you can, assuming they are all relevant and you're not going beyond the 10-15 year limit. The number of jobs typically varies between 7 and 3. As long as each job or position is relevant, you shouldn't worry about the exact number.

How do you say you opened and closed a store on resume? ›

  1. Examples:
  2. Good: Opened and closed store.
  3. Better: Given responsibility to open and close store after demonstrating my reliability to management.
  4. Best: Performed opening and closing responsibilities over 150 times having received the trust and confidence of management for.
  5. Good: Trained new employees.

How long should a resume be? ›

The rules for resume length have evolved over the years but the basics remain the same. One to two pages for most job seekers is sufficient. Three pages are appropriate for those with over 25 years of continuous related working experience or those in fields such as academia or medicine.

What is a good example of a resume summary? ›

Resume Summary Example

Self-motivated and cheerful customer service professional with 2+ years of experience helping customers navigate websites and resolving product and service issues. Eager to support BookMe in building an impeccable online reputation by providing top-class customer support.

What should I put on my CV for a supermarket job? ›

What to include in a supermarket assistant CV
  • your personal information, including your name and contact details.
  • qualifications, achievements, grades and any other relevant educational background.
  • work history from previous positions that might help your application.
  • references from previous employers or colleagues.
Apr 18, 2023

What do you write in a cover letter for Lidl? ›

Use your opening paragraph to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role, show what you can bring to the role, and that you're a great fit to the Lidl team. Introduce yourself and start making your case by presenting one of your more impressive on-the-job achievements.

How do I write a CV for a supermarket job? ›

Choosing the best CV format for a supermarket job

The best format for a supermarket CV is generally the reverse chronological order structure. This format mostly affects the employment history section of your CV. Within it, you should list your most recent position and work your way back.


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